Military Transition Job Seeker: Career Change and First Cleared Job Fair Adventures

“Drink plenty of water because you’re mouth is going to be dry from talking so much when you attend a job fair like this,” shares security-cleared job seeker, Mr. W, who is transitioning out of the military in the next couple months. Mr. W learned of today’s Cleared Job Fair from attending Transition Assistance Program (TAP) classes. Such classes are often made available to assist transitioning military personnel and family members leaving the service and returning to civilian life.

Mr. W, who will be officially retiring from the service this November, is actively seeking a position as a Budget Analyst or Resource Manager, was attending our Cleared Job Fair today for the very first time. He developed his target list of companies from internet research and reviewing the jobs being offered by today’s job fair employers. His job targets include the following employers:

  • ManTech
  • CACI
  • L-3 Communications
  • General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)
  • Invertix
  • Booz Allen Hamilton

So how has Mr. W fared on his Cleared Job Fair debut? “I have three solid leads from today’s job fair which I intend to follow up on! So far, the job fair has just been a great resource for me.”

And what about his experience with our ClearedJobs.Net online job board? “I added my resume to ClearedJobs.Net job board several months ago,” shares Mr. W, who revealed he’s repeatedly had a successful experience with the web site. “It’s been a phenomenal resource. Since uploading my resume to the job board, I’ve been contacted six or seven times already. My transition out of the military will not take place until November so most of the positions made available to me were, unfortunately, much too early for me to take advantage of yet, but it’s great feedback and an extremely resourceful tool.”

We wish Mr. W. well as he transitions out of the military and into the civilian work world!

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