Move Over MPG, There’s a New Way to Measure Efficiency

Wh/kg is the new way to measure efficiency for vehicles; well, EVs and hybrids at least.

Wh/kg stands for watt hours per kilogram, and it is a measurement of energy density. Essentially, the higher the Wh/kg number, the more energy-dense the battery. Energy-dense batteries can be smaller and lighter, and thus hold great potential for creating highly efficient vehicles.
One company, Envia Systems, has recently claimed it has created a battery with 400 Wh/kg. That’s a big deal. The claim was tested, and confirmed by Naval Service Warfare Center, Crane Division, which means Envia has a world record on their hands.

Read more about Envia’s new battery here. You can also find out more about GM’s recent investment in the company here.

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