My new (edgy?) video blog about online government

I’ve been blogging at for a year now about my insights on online government. My passion is for local government, and I love to share what I’ve learned along the way and also point out what other govies are doing to connect with citizens.

I want to get more creative and reach a larger audience, so I’ve revamped my blog with a catchy new domain – – and I’ve decided to start video blogging. With my video blogs, I’m going to go for a feel that is energetic, humorous and, dare I say, sexy (can we do that in government??). I halfway wonder if my blog will be blocked from certain government networks because it has ‘’ in it 😉

We in government learned in the past several years that if we want our messages to be heard in a world so saturated with professionally produced commercial messages, then we have to ante up and start producing material that rivals our commercial ‘competitors’. We learned that no one pays attention to those 1985-style brochures and old fashioned Public Service Announcements.

The online world is starting to even out the playing field with government and commercial messages, because you don’t have to have a big budget to communicate in this environment. Along these lines, I figure if I want to get my own messages out there and appeal to both government staff and citizens who are interested in working for or connecting with their government, I need to step up.

What do you think about this new angle, and do you have any ideas on what I can video blog about? I’d love to cover what’s ‘hot’ in online government. Below is my intro video:

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I like it – fun is needed.

Couple suggestions:

-Fix the favicon (the thing that shows up in browser-right now its a weird box)

-Love the ask a question box

-Personally I’m a sucker for 2 vs 3 column layouts (although GL is three) – I think the content is a little burried in the middle – I’d highlight more

-I’d make something like a GovGirl t-shirt or emblem…and then “are you a govgirl?”

Kristy Dalton

Good ideas Steve. That favicon has bugged me all weekend – the box is the default favicon for sites hosted on Bluehost. Just haven’t gotten around to changing it yet (I was still up at 3:30am pacific when I posted this;-)

The one promise I made to myself is that I will never say anything like “You Gov, Girl!”. Cringing at the cheesiness. But GovGirl t-shirts – I like it!