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NAGC Communications School Preview: Astronaut Mike Foreman, Carmageddon, Media Relations, Social Media, etc.

The upcoming NAGC Communications School will be my fifth in
a row to attend and I am looking forward to the 2012 offering with great
anticipation. This year’s theme,
“Government Communicators-Telling America’s Story”, exemplifies the
responsibility and challenge we face each day.
As government communicators we must spread the word about the programs
and services offered by our various organizations, and we are challenged to do
so in as transparent manner as possible.
We strive to find the balance between information and information
overload; and, we are confronted with ever expanding sources for information

All these challenges are being addressed at this year’s
communications school. Personally, I am
looking forward to hearing our Communicator of the Year discuss her proactive
approach to disseminating information to divert a potential traffic nightmare
in one of the most traffic-centric cities in the U.S. I wonder if she will touch on the latest information
about ‘Carmageddon’: the baby-boom being attributed to the 500,000 people
staying home for that weekend?
Our Media Panel promises to add to the government
communicators’ arsenal of information for how to pitch your agency’s story to
the media. The break-out session on
“Using Social Media Analytics for Government Operations and Policy” will help
us understand how to leverage new technology to help in the decision-making
If that’s not enough, we’ll get to hear Astronaut Mike Foreman tell one of America’s greatest
adventure stories — living and working in space. During two missions,
he traveled more than 20 million miles in orbit and performed five space
walks tethered to the shuttle by a cable. Mike will also be available
to sign autographs during the President’s Reception.
The NAGC Communications School 2012 has something for every
level of government communicator whether you are tasked with crisis
communications, writing press releases or policy or just looking for ways to
get your story out. I hope you are
looking forward to attending this year’s school as much as I am.
Submitted by Kathryn Stokes, Strategic Affairs Officer, Mississippi Department of Employment Security and Treasurer for the NAGC Board of Directors.

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