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Over the next couple of days, we at the Open Forum Foundation are running the remote engagement program for NASA’s IT Summit and you may be interested in participating.

1. We’ve assembled a complex group of technologies into a simplified user interface that integrates text, video, and phone into one website. The lessons we are learning may be useful in your agency’s future public engagement efforts.

2. We at the Open Forum Foundation are presenting a remote engagement presentation about how we designed and implemented (you guessed it…) remote engagement. The time for the session is Wednesday, August 18th at 11am EDT. We’ll be talking about how to broaden your reach for in-person events and sharing some details on what we’re doing for NASA. Our goal/challenge for this session is to create a meaningful, personal engagement opportunity for a large number of people; the more people on the call, the bigger the challenge, and the more we’ll all learn.

3. If deeper discussion is your thing, check out our discussion on doing “More with Less” on the US CIO’s six priorities at http://nasa.onlinetownhalls.com/.

Please do join us as we continue to strive for better open government and citizen engagement across federal agencies. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance! We welcome your comments below.

Lucas Cioffi
President of the Board

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Lucas Cioffi

Hi Candace, I apologize for missing your comment a few months ago! Here is the link to 13 hours of unedited footage: http://www.livestream.com/nasaitsummit On that page you can use the agenda as a rough guide to see which video you’ll want to dig into if there’s a session that is of particular interest. The first video just has the logo for the first few minutes, so you can skip ahead to the talking part or you can use that time to get the popcorn ready 🙂

The full listing of all remote engagement sessions (phone discussions and video) is here for reference: http://open.nasa.gov/itsummit2011/