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Our country is in the midst of what is currently being called “the great recession,” unemployment numbers are rising continuously, the federal government is tasked with increasing efficiencies and state and local governments are struggling with resources to support education, training, healthcare, public assistance programs and more.

President Obama is pushing initiatives to reignite our economy by pouring considerable government funds into an economic stimulus package and by committing to a mission to make government service “cool” again.

Both the stimulus package and call to serve have had significant impacts on the public sector. Government and education institutions are facing a vastly changed landscape, requiring a revamp in HR communications and training to create high performance workforces.

To help our customers navigate through these uncharted times, now is the time to Unleash the Monster.

Unleash the Monster was designed to share helpful information on creating high performance workforces that will allow the public sector to perform more efficiently. To provide a 360 degree view of the issues, we encourage readers to submit topic ideas, blog posts, audio content or videos which will be featured on the site.

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Joe Flood

Is Monster working with the feds to overhaul their recruitment process? Because that would be nice. I recently received an email notification from a federal agency that I was rated “best qualified” for a job I applied for. Confusingly, this does not mean I will actually be interviewed. Worse, I applied for the job three months ago.


They are working with federal agencies to support the recruitment process. Based on your comment, I think you will be interested on the next post from Monster on a fair and fast process. You can check it out here.