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New Orleans 5 Years after Katrina – Where the “Work” is Happening..

I had the honor of being in New Orleans during the days that led up to the 5th anniversary of one of America’s great man-made disasters. It’s important to know that folks in this great town don’t blame the hurricane that struck with such vengeance, but rather the under-engineered levees that ringed the neighborhoods that buckled in response to the surge of water they were “designed” to handle.

Out of that tragic event came a million stories and lessons. Some highlight the very best of what humans are capable, others elevate where we still have work to do. In many instances the record shows that people came together during the hours and weeks after the levees failed. They looked beyond their differences, social and economic, and literally lifted each other out of the mud and saved thousands of lives. Sadly, the record also shows that years of failed governance and leadership yielded a city vulnerable to responding to such challenges and the outcome is a national tragedy.

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