News from Australia : The paranoia that will ‘shut’ government

Now how true do these observations hold for America and elsewhere?

The Canberra Times kindly published an article of mine in the Public Sector Informant magazine. The informant itself is not available on line so I’ve provided it in pdf below.

You sometimes hear people complain about how the press alters the what they say and that the intended meaning gets lost.The editor of the Informant Markus Mannheim was fantastic to deal with and made some tweaks that really added value. Thanks Markus.

The paranoia that will shut government

I grappled with a few issues with this piece. Especially the fact that on the one hand there is good ‘stuff’ going on, but on the other it is no secret that all is far from well within APS agencies.

I painted on a large canvass with this piece. Open government, politicians, the community and the public service. I hope you find it useful. You can get the html version from the Canberra Times by typing Steve Davies in the search box, I just like the layout and graphic in the pdf version. Slingshots, arrows and axes raised big a smile.

I noticed this morning that it has been picked up on a few newspapers sites. Here’s the list:

Sydney Morning Herald

Brisbane times

The Age


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