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Obama campaign wants you to help build Spotify playlist

I saw this story on MSNBC today and thought it was very interesting. (In full disclosure, I love Spotify. Best music app around!)

Obama campaign wants your help building Spotify playlist
Considering that President Barack Obama’s staff has already incorporated Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram and just about every othersocial media service you can think of into his reelection campaign, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Spotify’s been thrown into the mix as well.

Evolver.fm’s Eliot Van Buskirk points out, Obama (or “more likely his staffers”), put together a Spotify playlistand tweeted about it a while ago. While the playlist is no longer accessible, Buskirk explains that it was full of “laughable nonsense” rather than some proper campaign music.

Well, now the Obama team is soliciting song suggestions via Twitter and putting them onto a new Spotify playlist, which is already filled withsong from Bruce Springsteen, Curtis Mayfield, KT Tunstall, Arcade Fire and more. According to the playlist’s description, it will be modified throughout November.

Now, it’s possible the campaign won’t use any music suggested by the public, but with the social media savvy of Obama’s campaign staffers, I’m sure they’ll leverage this project to their advantage. What do you think? Is this a good way to engage the public? Or is it too superficial? I think it’s interesting that the campaign is incorporating and using music, which can be such an emotional tool, into their marketing/communications/outreach initiatives.

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Julie Chase

Only if I can dl Spotify on my gov computer and listen to music while I’m working like all the agencies can, then I’ll help. Other than that….er, no.