One hundred days ends April 30 2009.

303,824,640 dreams changing each moment like rainbow ribbons of time streaming in the wind.

100 days: 144,000 minutes. Sleep; to dream your own dreams: 36,000 minutes.

108,000 waking minutes.

A leader is an attitude. A behavior. A way of being. A way to show us how to be. The how and sometimes, the what to do. Reaching that goal of being is up to us. It is what we do. America is a community of interest. How many minutes will we spend in the next one hundred days in our community, making it work? Many minutes will be spent by some saying it can’t be done. We’ll see who does what, and by that they will be known.

For me it is not just words and a pretty speech, I can hear the words of the man in Virginia ringing here: Life, liberty…

I hear words like bells ringing in Washington. What is the highest enjoyment? Is it not to be surrounded by and immersed in joy? On hearing the song of the bells on the wind, I suddenly felt that I enjoy the vigorous pursuit of happiness. I like looking for the highest enjoyment.

Our whole society can hear the bells. How the whole fares and works together will be the measure. How the poor, the weak, the old, the young and the challenged fare, is the measure of a society. Because the whole determines the value of the middle. And the value of the top.

A policy about-face on day one. Change. A word. Ringing like a bell. 97 days to go. Got a few minutes to help? They add up.

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