Government 1.0 + Government 1.0 = Government 2.0

What is Gov 2.0 and the future of government services delivery? Here are Gov 2.0 and the new government services delivery paradigm explained. Government 2.0 creates value for itself, Citizen 2.0, and Business 2.0, by leveraging Web 2.0, the new paradigm of rich, interactive, collaborative, web based services. How does Government 2.0 get started?

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Paulette Neal-Allen

Great papers, both! I especially like this, from the Deloitte white paper:

Rather than being represented by a technology or toolset, Web 2.0
is more a shift in culture – one that views the Internet as a platform
for deploying services and not just a simple place to post web pages

Helen Mitchell Curtis

The shift to Gov. 2.0 is going to take innovative leaders who are risk-takers, willing to tackle the bureaucratic chains that bind them, accept the .net generation way of doing business through collaborative tools, engage ‘champions’ to help fight the fight and help get the funding needed – using other Govt agency successes will not only show ROI but strenghten public trust, improve agencies priorities and focus, and empower ‘Suzie Citizen’ to proactively ‘make a difference’. For more info on what’s going on in this space, you may want to check out – an excellent resource for Web 2.0 & Gov 2.0 info. It’s an independent forum of leaders (most from Govt) committed to leveraging the interactive web and the benefits of collaborative technology to solve government’s complex problems. Members can share ideas, examples and insights on the adoption of Web 2.0 technologies in the field of public governance including case studies & white papers.