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Online IT Security Awareness Materials

We are looking at the possibility of developing an in-house online security awareness training program for our employees. We currently contract out with a hosted solution, however, it is pricey. I was looking around on the web, found very few online training programs that were short. I think one I found was like a 10-hour course, and too long for employees.

Additionally, we did not want to re-invent the wheel. So I was inquiring to find out if anyone has developed an in-house course that they would be willing to possibly share that we can drop into our learning management system.



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April E.

Thanks Andrew. For as much IT Security Awareness that is required for public employees, just have had a really hard time finding anything.

Rowena Figueroa

Hi April, There are many e-learning options in the market today. The question is, what are the needs of your learners? How will they apply the learning at work?

If you’re looking for information security/assurance training for cross-functional teams who work on projects, ESI International’s learning on demand modules are what you’re looking for. ESI’s training focuses on the needs of a project or acquisition team, whose needs are broader in scope than most technical training and more specialized than most awareness-level training in the market. Convenient and cost-effective, these online modules will enable cross-functional/project/acquisition teams put the right security measures in place.

If you’d like more information, please contact us at +1 (800) ESI-8609 or [email protected].