Open City Workshop

When you’re part of an organizing committee for an event, you always breathe a sigh of relief when the day is complete and all the participants have gone home. That sense of calm you feel can be a bit misleading though, particularly when the purpose of the event is to establish direction and to figure out what to do next. In these instances, the real work comes after the event.

Part of that real work following the City of Edmonton’s Open City Workshop has been to post the video archives of the event and update the notes from the grid sessions. Shareable, embeddable and downloadable videos from the sessions (including the full panel featuring David Eaves, Mark Kuznicki, Nick Charney and the Alayne Sinclair, Edmonton’s City Clerk) are now available online, along with the first draft of the session notes on the Open Muni Wiki.

Open City Workshop Introduction

Open City Workshop Panel Discussion

Open City Workshop Grid Session Summary

Open City Workshop Closing Remarks

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