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Politics and Photography

originally posted on Every so often I will go back and watch two interesting slideshows on the New York Times, one which followed photographer Damon Winter on Obama’s campaign trail, the other following a group of photographers who were covering the Republican and Democratic conventions. I’m continually fascinated by the content of these slideshows,Read… Read more »

Open City Workshop

When you’re part of an organizing committee for an event, you always breathe a sigh of relief when the day is complete and all the participants have gone home. That sense of calm you feel can be a bit misleading though, particularly when the purpose of the event is to establish direction and to figureRead… Read more »

there are no new ideas

Having just joined govloop this past week, I have been thinking about what I would share here. Today, after a meeting with Bowen Moran (@bxmx) and my colleague Devin Serink (@dserink), I have a bit more direction. As a short introduction I am a consultant working with the City of Edmonton. I used to workRead… Read more »