Open Government Directive Plan Template is posted

Many of you probably saw the Open Government Directive Memo that was published earlier this month. If you didn’t, you can read it here.

This memo has speedy schedule for agencies to develop, plan and comply with differect requirements to make the Federal Government more open and transparent.

Realizing that almost every agency would need to develop a plan in short order, I worked with some of my collegues to generate an Open Government Directive Plan Template which is posted here.

I have also created a project file to help manage the milestones and deadlines. This project file should be available soon. Some of the key milestones that are due in the next 45 to 120 days are:
• Publish 3 high-value data sets
• Open Government Webpage
• Create Open Government Plan
• Identify one new Flagship Initiative to increase transparency, participation, or collaboration

There are over 70 different activities, deliverables, and milestones due in the next 120 days.

Trying to draw on my previous 17 years in government to write the 33 page Open Government Directive Plan Template, I hope we were able to provide this community with a good jump start on firming up thier Open Government Plans.

Please take a look and give me/us feedback, so we can continue to improve the template for all.

Dean Halstead
Collaboration Architect

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Pam Broviak

I am really impressed Microsoft’s site and the resources offered. This is exactly the type of support we need from our “vendors.” It will be so much easier for all of us in government to make the leap to Web 2.0 if the tools are related to the products we already use like Office and Sharepoint.

ESRI, which provides GIS solutions to government, has recently taken similar steps. When a vendor offers these types of services, support, and understanding, it increases my view of them as a true partner in what we are trying to accomplish.

Thanks so much for working hard to help government! (I hope Microsoft will be coming out with a local government template next!)

Dean Halstead

Pam and Dave – Thanks for the feedback! I am happy you all like it. If you hear/see comments on how we could improve, please bubble them up to us.

Pam – If you are open to chatting, I would love to hear what you would like to see from a local government template. I am sure it wouldn’t be hard to help there too. 😉

Hope you all had Happy New Year!

Karen Anne Malkin

Thanks for putting this together. I skimmed through the template and it appears to cover the IT side. Where is the connection to mission – what are the fundamental goals that the agency is furthering through the tools of open government and social media?

Dean Halstead

Karen – We have another plan that I think addresses more of the fundamental goals that the agency is furthering. It is located here. Please review that plan and let me know if that is addressing the need. The plans are in two parts, since one is meant to specifically answer the Open Government Directive Memo and the other is to help with overall Social Networking value, approach, implementation, goals, etc.