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Father’s Day Gift – Keeping your kids safe with Mobile Social

Happy Father’s Day. Now back to being a Father. As a Father, I am frequently amazed at the number of unknown and undiscovered dangers that are out there on the internet for our kids. Mobile Social meaning mobile social media, gaming, and apps that enable social networking from a mobile device is the newest danger.Read… Read more »

FedDidUKnow Monthly Twitter Summary – October 2010

FedDidUKnow Monthly Archive October, 2010 There are many tools out there to track, capture and download tweets. However, I figured a monthly archive of @FedDidUKnow would be much more useful. Let me know what you think! #Gov can leverage #OCS to create Mass #Notification System for Physical/Public Safety w AdHoc. Ft Hood/Riley using now.… Read more »

New Update to the Open Government Plan Template Now Available

Thanks all for your feedback on the Open Government Plan Template. We have received a bunch of really good comments and kudos from the first release of the template. We have made some changes to incorporate feedback. Additionally, we have saved the Microsoft Project File as PDF and made that available, so there is noRead… Read more »

Open Government Directive Plan Template is posted

Many of you probably saw the Open Government Directive Memo that was published earlier this month. If you didn’t, you can read it here. This memo has speedy schedule for agencies to develop, plan and comply with differect requirements to make the Federal Government more open and transparent. Realizing that almost every agency would needRead… Read more »