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CityCamp Colorado Recap

The 2nd annual CityCamp Colorado was held on October 28, 2011, with about sixty participants from eighteen cities and counties around Colorado, several private IT sector leaders, members of academia, and the engaged public. (Cross posted from the Open Colorado website, Here’s a rundown of how the day went: Opening remarks from Tom Downey,Read… Read more »

Open Government Links of the Past Week (or so) – April 8, 2011

Here’s some links related to open government for the past week or so. Enjoy! “Happy One Year Anniversary! A Year of Progress in Open Government“ “Though it’s being overshadowed by the budget discussions this week, it’s important to note (and celebrate!) that today (April 7th) is the one year anniversary of Agency Open Government Plans.”Read… Read more »

Where Would Diversity Be In America if YouTube Was Invented During Martin Luther King Jr’s Era.

Forty eight years ago,Dr. Martin Luther King Jr led approximately 250,000 men,women, and children to Washington DC for a March for Freedom and Jobs. In 1963 black unemployment was as high as 11%, while unemployments was only 6% for whites. A white family earned, on average about $6,500.00 a year while a black family earnedRead… Read more »

If you plan to launch a Government website in 2011 – You should attend…

Drupal continues to gain considerable momentum for large scale .GOV, .MIL and .ORG websites over the past 12 months with high profile launches such as Whitehouse.Gov, Commerce.Gov, Ed.Gov, – and many others that are not necessarily public knowledge yet. Come learn this Thursday at the Ritz Carlton in Washington how other business leaders areRead… Read more »

Paradigm shift: Use Consultants Surgically

We applaud Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ recent announcement of his proposed initiative to cut costs, as we also applaud the Office of Management and Budget’s move to halt IT modernization efforts that have consistently cost more and delivered less than promised. We see a paradigm shift in how government is working – instead of justRead… Read more »

Drupal Open Training Class in Washington DC – June 28, 29, 30

Our CEO, Tom Erickson, announced right around the time of Drupalcon, that Heather James was joining Acquia (the Commercial Drupal support company) to fulfill goal of ours for some time – to provide Drupal education on a scalable, global basis. We’re very excited to announce an offering that we’ve been working on for some timeRead… Read more »

Opening Up on Open Government

I had a pretty unique privilege earlier this week – and frankly, as a huge transparency advocate, I’m still a bit electrified by the experience – in getting to attend a series of briefings at the White House Conference Center by individual government agencies to collaborate with stakeholders on how best to adopt the principlesRead… Read more »

An Approach to Accessibility

As you may have heard last week, Google announced that they have added ‘Auto-Captions’ for all videos on YouTube. Google’s hope is to increase its user base and has chosen to focus its attention on accessibility with hopes that users with certain disabilities will leverage the site and find it useful. The reality is thatRead… Read more »

DoD Social Media Policy

Just Released: Official DoD Social Media Policy to “provide access to Internet-based capabilities” So basically, it’s now official that DoD folks can access Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. and establish official presences on these websites. What to expect: CIO: Will provide implementation guidance. After all, there is some tech involved in the proper use ofRead… Read more » Makes Public Data More Accessible Through Web Services

You may have heard the terms web service, API, mashup, and dataset. There has been a lot of talk about these because of the recent Open Government Directive (OGD) that the Office of Management and Budget released in December. The directive was in response to President Obama’s call for transparency and open government when heRead… Read more »