Open Government Links of the Week – August 19, 2011

  • Opening government, the Chicago way

    • Interviews with Chicago journalists and open government advocates, along with Tolva and Goldstein themselves, led me to a clear conclusion: there’s something new going on in the Windy City that’s worth sharing with the rest of the country and world.” (O’Reilly radar)


  • Chief Innovation Officer Bryan Sivak Tackles Maryland’s Status Quo

    • Former District of Columbia CTO Bryan Sivak is best known for implementing technology initiatives like the accountability portal TrackDC. But his new role as Maryland’s first chief innovation officer may be his most challenging yet. (Government Technology)

(The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press)

(Technically Philly)

A similar version of this was originally posted at the IT company that I work for’s product blog (Disclosure: the product deals w/ transparency, gov’t, & technology and our company works with government in multiple ways to help them with gov 2.0 and related technologies)

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