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The Evolution of Government Financial Transparency

You’ve probably heard something about the DATA Act, the first U.S. open data law that requires all federal agencies to standardize and publish their spending reports. However, do you know how that Act came about? More importantly, do you know how and when it will be achieved? Below we offer a brief timeline to offerRead… Read more »

Government Secrets Bared!

Just how easy is it to get government agencies to bare their secrets? The Center for Effective Government recently came out with its yearly scorecard assessing the fifteen government agencies on their adherence to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Sean Moulton, Director of Open Government Policy at the Center for Effective Government, spoke withRead… Read more »

Improving the Efficiency of FOIA at the EPA

The following is an excerpt from GovLoop’s latest industry perspective on information governance. To read the full thing, head here. The EPA’s mission is to protect human health and the environment. To accomplish that, officials must be able to provide information and data to researchers, policymakers and citizens when they need it. This means the agencyRead… Read more »

Freedom Of Information Law Myths

I continue to be amazed by how wrong government attorneys are in the legal advice they provide regarding Freedom of Information laws (FOIL). The latest example of this is the opinion rendered by a Buffalo School District attorney. School board member Jason McCarthy recently asked at a board meeting whether several upper level district employeesRead… Read more »

Open Government and Obama’s Re-election

Obama’s first term in office brought in innovative technology leaders like Todd Park, Bryan Sivak and Vivek Kundra, to name a few. With his reelection, we can expect four more years of their and others’ continued work in the space of government data. But what does that really mean? We at Captricity have been thinkingRead… Read more »

Anonymous Claims to Uncover FBI Apple Tracking Campaign, Obstacles to Drone Use, and More

Here is today;s federal cybersecurity and information technology news: AntiSec, a joint Anonymous and LulzSec operation, claimed to have hacked the Federal Bureau of Investigation and posted 12 million Apple unique device identifiers, allegedly pointing to a massive FBI tracking program. More here. Aside from officers patrolling the Democratic National Convention, 20 local and federalRead… Read more »