Our Reaction to Obama’s Nobel Prize

Almost as soon as the Nobel Peace Prize recipient was announced this morning reactions started pouring into news outlets. Obviously spokesmen for nations on the “outs” with the United States were of a kind. Gabriela Ramírez of Venezuela ridiculed it. So did Khaled Al-Batsh of Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Surprisingly though several Americans were also adding sneering comments, folks like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele.

Does politics have to color everything?

If George W. Bush had won for his initiative to fight AIDS in Africa, I would have rejoiced. Recognition for our country in any humanitarian effort is a good thing. Why do we remain so bitterly divided that many feel moved to make such negative comments against their own leadership?

As Federal employees we are all aware of the challenges our nation faces right now, economic as well as military. We will never accomplish anything unless we can work together. Without all this silly in-fighting. We can’t even all be happy that our president was honored. I’m reminded of Rodney King: “Can we all get along?”

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Ari Herzog

Off topic, but why do you begin your final paragraph with, “As Federal employees we are all aware…?” Why specify federal employees?

Ed Albetski

You’re right. State and local government employees are here as well. Mea culpa. Busy week and not enough proofing. What can I say? Thanks for noticing!

Martha L. Ayerdis, MBA

I am happy President Obama won the Nobel Prize. I was happy as well when Al Gore won it. The same will be if President Bush had won it. We have to be proud when an american win the Nobel Prize. We want to make changes and improve things in our country and around the world. It will be possible only working as a teamwork. We have to be a team player.