Pay it Forward – Recommend a Fellow GovLooper on LinkedIN

There are over 3100 people signed up on GovLoop. And its more than likely you know some of these online friends in real life or feel like you know them via twitter. So with these connections, why not give someone you know on GovLoop a recommendation on LinkedIN.

It only takes a few minutes to write up a recommendation, which you can always come back to edit later to add more to it if you wish. If each person on GovLoop just wrote one recommendation, thats over 3100 recs added to LinkedIN, which makes the site better for each profile.

We all got digital street cred, so it should be easy enough to ask for a recommendation. Which is perfectly socially acceptable.

So will you please join me and write up a warm and fuzzy for someone today.

When you do, can you please let me know if you did write one up and if so, if you want to share, tell us who you wrote it for.

Now, go, pay it forward.

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Andrea Baker

BTW for transparency and disclosure. Adriel and I exchanged warm and fuzzies. And I am envious of him not even needing a coat today.

Andrea Baker

my bad too, just looked at the recent numbers and my had this site grown. we’re over 3100 strong now. That’s a lot of recommendations.

Adriel Hampton

We’re up to almost 4,000! Got a nice rec from Andrew Krzmarzick, awesome co-founder of (go and tell your story!). Good idea, Andrea, let’s keep paying it forward.