Does Obama Need a “Warren Buffet-Like” Person to be the DNI?

For those of you who have not read David Ignatius editorial in the Washington Post this morning, it is worthy of checking out. He breaks down all of the challenges facing the intelligence community and what should be done under the Obama administration. From highlighting the “left-right slugfest” over the fate of the community, to discussing how the new DNI should be the “Warren Buffet” of intelligence.

Ignatius states that the new DNI should “be the chief executive of a diverse portfolio of intelligence agencies. The director would maintain accountability and quality control but let the agency heads run their businesses.”

Very interesting perspective and certainly rings true based on past challenges of the community. I’m sure the Obama camp saw the article, and we are wondering if they are taking this advice to heart? To check out the Op-Ed, click here.

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Christopher Parente

Matt — thanks for sharing, yes it’s a very outside the box perspective. I wonder if a DNI could maintain accountability without a background in that kind of work. Or maybe that would be a benefit.