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Do you speak government?

I wanted to share this post with GovLoopers because it’s relevant to communicating both on behalf of — and to — government agencies. Would love to hear your thoughts: Part of being a good communicator is bridging the legitimacy gap with your audience. If you send a brochure or a blog post to an ArmyRead… Read more »

Edelman Trust Barometer Results: Worry or Opportunity?

By now, most government communicators have probably seen the Edelman Trust Barometer summaries that keep highlighting that trust in government fell once again. This sounds really terrible for those of us who communicate for the government, but looking deeper into the report shows that this is actually an opportunity for us rather than a problem.Read… Read more »

Developing Client-centric Government Sites: A video tutorial

This is a video tutorial I created to help share the web performance measurement strategy shown in my previous blog post. It’s called Developing Client-centric Government Sites. If you don’t see anything above, maybe you can check it out on vimeo : Modified from original posted: