Pennsylvania Voter ID Law is a Republican Disgrace

And State Republicans Know It.

In the 1960s, thousands of activists swarmed throughout the southern states to register poor and minority voters, butting heads with state and local authorities in the process. Many of those courageous people were beaten and jailed for their efforts; some of them were murdered, because they believed in America’s most fundamental principle. Voting is not a privilege. It is a right.

Today, the Republican National Committee is conspiring to deprive you of your right to vote. Republican legislators in 41 states have introduced bills to restrict voting rights since the beginning of 2011. Sixteen of those state laws control 214 electoral votes and have the power to affect this year’s presidential election. Pennsylvania is the most recent battleground.

In every case, these laws obstruct voting rights for the poor, elderly, disabled, minorities, and college students. And all of those groups tend to vote Democratic. It’s not about voter fraud. It’s not about protecting our elections. It’s not about fairness, or justice, or democracy. It’s about preventing Democrats from voting.

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