Performance Measurement Framework for government sites : now in beta

Here’s something I’m working on. Comments welcomed.

If you can’t see the presentation embedded above, view it on slideshare.

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Jeremy Bertrand

This is fantastic, thank you for sharing. We are looking at doing this exact same thing. Love to hear how the ideas are received.

Laura Wesley

Thanks Jeremy. I’ve been shopping this around for a while and am now publishing it as a formal chapter in a text book on determinants of satisfaction for eGovernment. Obviously this only covers traditional information-based websites but I think it could be built on for social media, transactional sites and measuring contributions to offline impacts. Unfortunately the chapter won’t be published for a while.

I think it can also be customized. If you don’t like the KPI suggested for one goal or another, change it to what works for your group. Try it out and let me know how it goes! 🙂

Andrew Krzmarzick

Do you have some images and illustrations to demonstrate some of the ideas? I’m a very visual person…could help to drive home some of your points. Good screenshots with pointers, etc…could go long way. Thoughts?