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Usability Tutorial: what is web usability and how do you measure it?

Cross-posted from: Originally created for Girl Geek Dinner in Ottawa, you can use this tutorial to start a discussion about how you can integrate usability principles into your website planning at your department or organization. Alternatively, re-use the prezi to create your own presentation. If you do, I’d love to know about it. TheRead… Read more »

Developing Client-centric Government Sites: A video tutorial

This is a video tutorial I created to help share the web performance measurement strategy shown in my previous blog post. It’s called Developing Client-centric Government Sites. If you don’t see anything above, maybe you can check it out on vimeo : Modified from original posted:

Performance Measurement Framework for government sites : now in beta

Here’s something I’m working on. Comments welcomed. Measuring government websites If you can’t see the presentation embedded above, view it on slideshare. Modified from original post on:

Value proposition of open data : a framework for measuring success

Performance measurement is all about storytelling, but as with most things, it helps to have a logical framework to build that story arch. Best practice tells us we should measure success in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction > both internally to government and externally to public. Since there may not be proven examples outRead… Read more »

Does performance measurement only work on paper?

Data doesn’t make decisions; people do. Data can inform decisions. I say this in response to the person who told me this week that performance measurement, like accountability, “only works on paper”. Well, if your performance measurement strategy only works on paper, than it isn’t working at all. Here are a number of factors aboutRead… Read more »

Public Service Value Chain links happy staff to citizen confidence

Since I started blogging, I’ve been trying to focus on making performance management practical. I wrote some months ago about the what Fortune magazine called “The World’s Most Modern Management Idea” when companies implemented policies that focused on staff satisfaction, after research linked happy employees to investor profits. This is known as the service valueRead… Read more »