Please view my submission to the Knight News Challenge to strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation

Greetings. I submitted my entry to the current Knight Foundation News Challenge: “How can we strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation?” My entry focuses on online public comment. It’s titled: “Online public comment should replicate traditional and legislated standards, practices and processes. Not reinvent them.”

I am advocating for establishing standards, practices and processes for online public comment that replicate processes that the federal, state and local government and regulatory bodies have used for centuries to collect citizen input that is validated and attributed.

There is so much potential to improve online public comment processes that make collecting, organizing, managing and reporting public comment more consistent and more effective for public officials and agencies and for citizens. What is unique about the Web is that it can provide both informal (anonymous) and formal (attributed) models for citizens and government to collaborate. And both models are required to ensure freedom of expression and for informed decision making.

GovLoop members: please take a moment to view my submission. If you think it has merit, please give me “applause.” If you have the time and are interested in my perspective, leave feedback. Does it make sense? What am I missing? How can I make it stronger? Thank you for your time and consideration.

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