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Governments make residents give up privacy when using third party online comment solutions

I recently submitted an entry to the Knight Foundation News Challenge that’s looking for ideas to “strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation.” My submission* calls for creating standards, practices and processes for online public comment for attribution and validation. Developing online standards to replicate or comply with historical and legislated public comment processesRead… Read more »

Please view my submission to the Knight News Challenge to strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation

Greetings. I submitted my entry to the current Knight Foundation News Challenge: “How can we strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation?” My entry focuses on online public comment. It’s titled: “Online public comment should replicate traditional and legislated standards, practices and processes. Not reinvent them.” I am advocating for establishing standards, practices andRead… Read more »

Forget kissing babies. “TT” (Talking Transparency) is what’s popular among political candidates.

It used to be the way a candidate showed he was likeable and cared about his fellow citizens. But thanks to actor Will Ferrell’s movie character, Congressman Cam Brady, candidates kissing babies became more about the baby’s “kisser.” So what else can we expect candidates to include among their campaign strategy and platform in 2014?Read… Read more »

UPDATE: Knight Foundation Open Government News Challenge grant opportunities is live

Gov Loop member Sandy Heierbacher blogged on February 2nd about the Knight Foundation’s Open Government News Challenge that runs from February 12 – March 18. The foundation wants to fund innovative ideas and initiatives focused on open government. Knight’s definition of “Open government” is broad, and ranges from small projects within existing structures to ambitiousRead… Read more »

Should the Public Sector have it’s own “M” model?

CRM, BPM, KM, ECM. These are the abbreviations of new electronic management or “M” models that have emerged with the growth of the Internet. They relate to the management of traditional business practices ranging from customer relations to knowledge to business assets that are now enabled electronically through the Web and complimentary devices. Their useRead… Read more »

The challenge for government: Why it’s important to know how people learn about their community

Information is power. Actually, there is no power in information but in who creates it and controls it. That’s the power of information –how it’s used. Did you know that local TV news is still the most popular source for local information in America? However, adults rely on it primarily for just three subjects: weather,Read… Read more »

Incivility in presidential politics: tearing down instead of building up

If you were thirsty and your choices were a glass of milk that had been sitting in sun-baked 95-degree temperature for six hours and a glass of milk that had been sitting in it for four days, which would you chose? Some choice, right? That’s how I am seeing the 2012 presidential campaign shaping upRead… Read more »

Is Gannett on right track to figure out online public comment?

If you’ve followed my blog or my tweets, or even come across them randomly, you would know I’m a big proponent of Gov 2.0, particularly in online communication between and among government and citizens. Going back to earlier years prior to Web 2.0, I was speaking and arguing for the need to replicate government online,Read… Read more »

Couch Potato Democracy?*

I was thinking about the remarkable power of citizens and their determination to peacefully overthrow the governments in Egypt and Tunisia. Their hope now is to replace decades old regimes with a democratic form of government whose leaders are selected and elected by the people. The model nation they are using? The United States ofRead… Read more »

Can Rapper Nas and Dr. King teach us to be more civil?

In a recent discussion about civics and civil society, one of my colleagues referenced a line by Rap artist, Nasir Jones, a/k/a Nas from his song, “Hate Me Now” that states: People “fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer.” On this day of national recognition for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., hisRead… Read more »