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Popular Topic Ideas for Economics Essays

The selection of effective and good topics are some of the initial challenges faced by university students who have to write economics essays. However, the selection of good topics for an economics essay would not be difficult if those students knew and performed some basic research about economics. They could do some topic research from the library with the use of printed reference works such as encyclopedias and reference books, and they would learn that the subject of economics consist of several main branches that consist of several fields and sub-fields.

A good way of selecting topics from the main branches would be breaking them down into fields with each of those fields broken down into sub-fields. Further breaking the sub-fields would result into a particular subject from which the students could select specific topics for their economics essays. The main branches of economics:

  • Microeconomics – This is the branch that studies the behaviour on how households and companies would make decisions for allocating the limited resources that are obtained from the market where the goods and services are bought, bartered or traded, and sold.

  • Macroeconomics – This branch studies the behaviour, performance, structure, and decision making of the whole economy or total economic activity and tackles economics issues such as economic growth, inflation and unemployment.

  • International economics – This branch studies the causes of goods and services that flow across the international boundaries. It also tackles the size and distribution of the economic gains that are obtained from the trading of goods and services.

  • History of economics – This branch studies the various intellectuals, philosophers, and economic theories or ideologies that became the basis for economic thought from ancient times until the present day.

Note that the popular topic ideas for economics essays could also be used as topics for essay subjects that are related to economics such as business essays, finance essays, marketing essays, order essay or order essays and other disciplines or field of study. Therefore, if you would be performing a business essay writing task, it would be preferable if you keep the data and materials you obtained from your research about your economics essay since those data and materials could be useful when you already tasked to write a business essay.

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