The Power of “Thank You”

Briefly – how often do we stop and thank the people who have helped us?

I thought about this the other day. Actually I thought about it when I stopped to make a blessing.

Jewish law says that you’re not supposed to do other things while you’re also praising G-d.

And I realized how many times I had done so. Routinely I would mumble “thank you” in Hebrew while thinking about other things.

That’s not holy…that’s not a thank-you.

Isn’t that the same way I treat people, I thought. I have lots of patience when they’re doing something for me, and then I don’t have patience even to listen to them.

I don’t stop often enough to thank them.

Further I realized that some of my best teachers have been my most difficult teachers.

Because they saw things in me that I needed to correct. Things I turned away from or denied.

Our life is full of people for a purpose. We are supposed to encounter them.

Either to help them, or because they are supposed to help us.

Doing for others, and others doing for you.

Giving and being grateful.

These are the things that give meaning to our lives.

P.S. It’s the eve of Passover and also Good Friday. If you observe these, happy day to all my friends and colleagues.


Note: All opinions are my own and do not represent those of my agency or the Federal government. Photo by Roberta Romero via Flickr.

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