Public Sector Entreprenuers

“Public sector entrepreneurship invites the opportunity to reexamine the role of government by introducing innovation and competitiveness to government, and other areas of the public sector. Public sector entrepreneurship can be viewed as tearing down old thoughts, processes, programs, or even organizations, in order to institute something more effective in its place. Public sector entrepreneurs are particularly concerned with increasing government’s capacity to respond to issues of quality of life.” – Estela Kennen

I believe that public sector entrepreneurs are also “catalysts for organizational change”.

“Are you a catalyst for change?” What could be done to make government better without increasing costs?

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Rebecca Schreiber

I am definitely a catalyst for change and have learned that being a change agent isn’t something you can switch on and off. It’s the way you think and a core part of who you are. Being a change agent in federal service is extremely challenging since the structure doesn’t embrace change, but I know from experience that if you pick your changes carefully, they can be implemented over time. As since the organization builds its inertia, once those changes are in place, they’re not going anywhere!