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What should the Social Security Administration focus on for the next five to ten years? As we develop our next Agency Strategic Plan (ASP) for 2011-2016, we want to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we can best plan and vision for the future. Please take a few moments to share your ideas, read what others have written, and vote for your favorite proposals at now through December 17, 2010. Thank you!

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First off, love this form of strategic planning and outreach.

My suggestions:

I would think really hard about how seniors especially baby boomers want to deal with SSA.

I think there’s huge room to digitize some of the SSA benefits statements – I know it must cost a ton to send those out and I never know what to do with it. I don’t use a filing cabinet anymore. I want a digital record

Can you push some of the phone calls into self-serve online where can get answers…or build upon with greater FAQ for long-tail searches?

Terrence (Terry) Hill

I think it’s great that you are reaching out to the public. I don’t have any suggestions, since I’m not yet a recipient. I just wish that Congress would make sure that social security is viable for the future. I can’t figure out why we are getting a 2% refund of our payments next year. I also can’t figure out why social security isn’t deducted from incomes over $90,000 or so. Those are the folks who can best afford to pay. I’m really worried about the viability of the system.