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3 Ways to Bring an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Your Agency

LinkedIn. PayPal. YouTube. They’re household names for most — if not all of us. We use these nifty platforms to search and apply for jobs, send and receive payments and watch videos go viral. But behind these household names are bright minds that overcame failures and challenges to shepherd their creations from ideas, to concepts,Read… Read more »

Government Turns To Entrepreneurs & StartUps For Products/Services

As the U.S. recovers steadily from the most recent recession, confidence in the nation’s economy is growing among small business owners who foresee steady growth in the next few years, as monitored by the database of government contracts. In 2012, 22.25% of federal government contracting dollars went to small business, just short of the annualRead… Read more »

Upstart: How the Crowd Helps Build It

Upstart, a crowdfunding platform for student new businesses, is just in its beta stages of testing with a few select pilot schools, including Arizona State University, Dartmouth College, Rhode Island School of Design, University of Michigan and University of Washington, but already it’s receiving a lot of attention. Why do you think that is? Well,Read… Read more »

The GovLoop Leadership Guide Companion (3 of 3): Beyond Doing More With Less: Doing Different

The Series Welcome to the final of three posts intended to help you get the most out of GovLoop’s new leadership guide: 10 Traits of a Great Government Leader. Each of these posts covers a different theme and, taken together, cover all ten traits in the leadership guide. Our intent is to provide you withRead… Read more »

Young Entrepreneurs And Leaders Innovating The Rust Belt

Mark Drapeau (Washington, DC) – Typically, when you see a story in the mainstream media about innovators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers, it’s about someone on the east or west coast, and within that in a few cities like New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. But the April 2012 issue of Details magazine (of all places)Read… Read more »

Feb 28 Community Voices

February COMMUNITYVOICES Woody Crenshaw President of SustainFloyd will speak on “Leading and Lighting Social Change: Ag, Arts and Advocacy” Tuesday, February 28, 7:00pm The Lyric Theatre – free admission On Tuesday, February 28th at 7:00pm at the Lyric Theatre, social entrepreneur and businessman Woody Crenshaw will speak on sustainable development in Floyd County and theRead… Read more »

How many sources of income do you rely on to sustain your lifestyle?

I heard a statement the other day that struck home – no one in today’s economy has ‘just one job’ for income – everyone seems to have a side job, residual or investment income, multiple sources of income, because ‘just one job’ doesn’t provide enough to live on (especially for large families). What do youRead… Read more »

Starting a business? SBA has an ‘app’ for that.

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) launched its first mobile application (app) immediately following National Small Business Week 2011. The app was developed under a public-private partnership with Palo Alto Software and is currently available for iPhone/iPod/iPad with additional platforms to be added soon. This new tool connects entrepreneurs with 3,000+ business coaching centers, 14,000+Read… Read more »