Public Sector Reform in Australia

Our Federal Government recently announced the creation of an Advisory Group on the Reform of Australian Government Administration

As part of what we are trying to do here with OZloop I have provided them with a submission. Feel free to download and read.

The submission contains personal statements from myself and my fantastic colleagues Kylie Flanigan Craig Thomler.

It would be fantastic to get some comments and feedback from Govloop members as well. You can either do so on this blog or head on over to the forum I’ve just set up on OZloop.

If you are not familiar with the Australian Public Service here are some resources to help:

Public Service Commission

Gov 2.0 Taskforce

Public Sector Innovation

And you really must check out Mr Gruen goes to Washington. A lovely read and reading between the lines, for me it really highlights the need for reform.

Steve Davies

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steve davies

Thanks Steve – Given Nicholas Gruen’s comments in Mr Gruen Goes to Washington it would be great to get comments from yourself and a wide range of Govloop members. My view is that there is a greater degree of readiness in the U.S to accept public servants sharing and collaborating openly and on a large scale than there is in Australia.

The situation here is patchy – yet as well all well know we need to break down the silos within and between departments and make the walls more permeable so we can really talk to the people each and every public servant serves.