Recruitment 411: An Employee’s Story: Darryl Eaton

One of things we enjoy discussing on this blog are the success stories of our employees. Since October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, it’s perfect time to introduce you to Darryl Eaton. Darryl’s story is just one example of the great things that happen when we celebrate the abilities of all employees.

For nearly 24 years, I have enjoyed a thriving career with the IRS. After completing my training at World Services for the Blind, I began working with the Service as a computer specialist in Sacramento, CA.

Everyone knows excellent benefits and job stability make government work an appealing career path, but I found more than that at the IRS. Over the years, continued training to develop my skills has led to some to outstanding opportunities to advance my career.

In 2000, a detail opportunity opened the path to a position as a distribution analyst with the IRS Alternative Media Center, a move that brought me to Washington, DC. I now work to ensure equal access to information for employees and taxpayers with disabilities. Since relocating to Washington, I have continued to enjoy additional opportunities for details, training, and a promotion. In my opinion, this just goes to show that when you concentrate on your skills and abilities, opportunities abound throughout the IRS.

Another key factor in my success has been my access to the latest technology. The Service has long-standing commitment to provide disabled employees with the tools and resources necessary to succeed on the job. As a senior distribution analyst, I have a variety of responsibilities that I’m able to manage successfully. This is in part because of the technology provided by IRS.

The IRS has been my employer of choice for more than two decades – not because they accommodate my disability – but because they recognize my professional abilities.

How is your office celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month?

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