Recruitment 411: An Employee’s Story – Why I Chose the IRS

Today’s guest blogger is Scott, who’s sharing his personal journey to become a govie, and why the IRS is his employer of choice.

My name is Scott, I am a tax professional and I also have a disability. As a tax professional in private practice, I was working countless hours at the office, especially during tax season. My disability made it extremely difficult to travel to and from work each day, work long hours, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, I made a decision to apply for a position at the IRS – primarily because of their policy promoting a healthy work-life balance. I was delighted to be offered a position as a tax law specialist.

The work is rewarding and I still work very hard, however the work hours are reasonable and I now have time to pursue other interests and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As an employee with a disability, I was initially concerned that I would have difficulty adjusting to the IRS. My concerns were quickly set aside as I experienced the IRS culture which embraces employees with disabilities. My managers have been very supportive and accommodating to my special needs.

In particular, the IRS offers flexible and alternative work schedules that allow me to maintain a healthy work-life balance and accommodate my special needs as well. Under the telework program, I am able to work from home several days a week. Working in the comfort of my home has proven to make me a more productive and happier employee.

Other flexible work schedule programs are available such as the maxiflex program which allows an employee to begin work at a flexible time.

There’s also the IRS Alternative Work Schedule, which allows employees to work longer days and have additional days off.

Applying for a position at the IRS was a great decision for me. The reasonable and accommodating work schedule has allowed me to pursue a healthy work-life balance. I encourage anyone with similar goals – especially people with disabilities – to apply for a position with the IRS.

What made you choose public service over private sector employment?

Recruitment 411 is the official blog of the IRS Recruitment Office.

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Jana Opperman

How does your manager “keep an eye on you”? In the NJDEP we lost our AWP days (Alternate Work Plan where you can work your 70 hours in 9 or 8 days instead of 10) because managers weren’t keeping an eye and couldn’t figureout where their employees were with different AWP days being scheduled and vacations, etc. We even have an online calandar where the manager can look at their employees schedules to make sure there was coverage, etc. Now they have AWP’s only on Fridays and never if there is a holiday within the pay period, which means there is LESS coverage than there was before because for 2 weeks people will leave at 4PM instead of 4:30 and 5:00, so now the manager have to ask people to come in late to stay late during holiday pay periods! This schedule now causes huge traffic jams when trying to leave Trenton or even the parking garage! driving less was better for the environment, now we even see a longer traffic jam in the morning since everyone has to come to work nearly everyday but Fridays, I now have to leave a half an hour earlier to idle in traffic to get to work on time. (I work right next to the anti-idling group!) It is always brought up during floods and snow storms that we could have worked at home instead of trying to get to work in dangerous road conditions, interfering with road clean-up etc. (right there those discussions also take away from work time!) Anyway, I think it is great that the IRS-with such a “stodgy” reputation seems so much more flexible and provides such a positive environment for their workers, this is one positive to take down that old reputation.