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Recruitment 411: Staying Positive and Proud to be a Govie

For the month of July, Eric Erickson will be taking over this blog from Julie. Eric is Julie’s ‘work husband’ from the IRS Recruitment office. My 92-year old grandfather passed away a couple weeks ago. Along with my younger cousin, I was asked to give a eulogy, and was – naturally – more than happyRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: An Employee’s Story – Why I Chose the IRS

Today’s guest blogger is Scott, who’s sharing his personal journey to become a govie, and why the IRS is his employer of choice. My name is Scott, I am a tax professional and I also have a disability. As a tax professional in private practice, I was working countless hours at the office, especially duringRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Acknowledging Abilities of All Employees

Recruiting people with disabilities is an important part of our work at the IRS. Not just because it’s the law, but because we believe in the abilities of all people. This month marks the 24th National Disability Employment Awareness Month. This event is in an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of employees with disabilities whileRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Tips & Tricks for Success from an IRS Recruiter

Today’s guest blogger is Reina Fregoso, the IRS recruiter for Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. She began her career with the IRS in 1980 and has been with the IRS Recruitment Office for four years. No matter what the job market looks like, it’s important to make sure you put your best foot forward. MyRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: The ADA Comes of Age

Today is the 21st anniversary of the signing of Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush in 1990. It was designed to provide increased civil rights for people with disabilities. This law became even more important to those of us in the business of recruitment when PresidentRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Through the eyes and heart of a soldier’s mom – Part 2

This is part two in our blog series with veteran recruiter and military mom, Linda Ortiz our colleague from the IRS Recruitment Office and today’s guest blogger. I provided training and oversight for the warrior interns and their managers. Slowly, some of them separated from their military service, some returned to active duty and someRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: A profile puzzle

It’s estimated 41.6 percent of the U.S. population has a Facebook account, and 13 percent of the population is part of the Twitterverse. Once you add in sites like GovLoop, LinkedIn, Second Life and YouTube, it’s not unusual for someone to have multiple social media profiles. Social media sites are now as much a partRead… Read more »