Recruitment 411: Creatively combating budget challenges

Our heads are spinning.

Inside or outside the beltway, we’re all dealing with budget challenges. Gone are the days of week-long meetings where the entire division comes together to hash out organizational goals and commitments for the coming year.

When budgets are cut – and even when they’re not – we must be cost-conscience when it comes to travel. However, this usually puts a damper on efforts to hold meetings or attend events. Like many of your organizations, here at the IRS Recruitment Office, we must weigh our options to determine which events are absolute musts.

Every year, our office holds a meeting where we bring together representatives from several IRS divisions. This face-to-face meeting is invaluable for building relationships and talking about how we can meet our agency’s needs.

Understandably, this year’s meeting has been canceled. Which got us thinking – are there ways for us to use online tools and resources to hold a meeting with our partners and stakeholders?

Even if we did meet online, would this be a suitable substitute for face-to-face interaction which creates an environment fostering employee engagement?

Can current creative solutions become future best practices?

With all these questions, you can see why our heads are spinning.

It seems there are many tools out there that could be used to hold a virtual meeting – Skype, Twitter and Second Life come to mind.

So, we put this question out to the GovLoop community – what creative ways has your organization used to foster employee engagement and hold a meeting where most of the participants are remote?

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Jon Stabbe

Great post. I always find that the regular use of the telephone works great in communicating with your co-workers/team in the absence of a face to face meeting. Although you still can’t see each other, it’s still a lot more personal than IM or email.