Recruitment 411: Diversity Dilemma

At the IRS, we believe one of our greatest assets is the diversity of our workforce. Acknowledging all aspects of that diversity is an important part of our mission in the recruitment office.

It’s incredibly important to celebrate the cultural melting pot that is the IRS. From people of different races and ethnicities to the disabled and LBGT communities, all of our employees bring something unique to the workforce. We strive to create awareness and commemorate as many diversity events and anniversaries as possible – whether they last a day or a month.

However, sometimes there simply aren’t enough days in the year, literally. For example, October is Disability Employment Awareness Month and Filipino American History Month – and don’t forget Hispanic Heritage Month lasts until the fifteenth of the month as well. Nearly every month has at least two events or anniversaries. September is so covered in celebrations and commemorations it makes my head spin.

Here’s our diversity dilemma: with so many important dates and only 365 days in the year, how do we choose which ones to highlight?

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