Recruitment 411: Federal jobs still among most desirable

Universum just released their 2010 American Student Survey’s list of top employers for business majors – the IRS came in at #23. Universum is a marketing and branding firm, which surveyed more than 56,000 students based on their field of study.

We’re not trying to brag on ourselves here – several other government agencies made the list as well, including the Department of State and the CIA. As I was reading an article about the survey it occurred to me, this in more than just a nice marketing blurb for us – it’s a major morale booster, too.

Given the current climate of hiring freezes and continuing resolutions, news like this is a reminder that the government is a great place to work, and there are many people who would love a government career. Whatever the reason: benefits, pay, or a genuine passion for public service, students still see the federal government as a great place to cultivate a career.

What are some of the top reasons applicants are drawn to your agency or organization? What drew you to your current position?

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