Recruitment 411: Seven Simple Steps to Maintain Morale

The other day I was reading the Ragan Communications newsletter and came across an article titled 10 inexpensive ways to boost employee morale. I was immediately interested, not because my office is in need of a mood change – quite the opposite – the IRS Recruitment Office is overflowing with enthusiastic, energetic, people. I was intrigued by the article because I wanted to see just how many of the 10 things we put into practice in our office; here are seven of my favorites.

Recognize individual employees. In the two years I’ve been with the recruitment office, not a single staff meeting or team phone call has gone by without someone getting a shout out from a co-worker for their help on a project. It’s so simple it almost sounds silly, just say ‘thank you.’

Give employees responsibility. My manager runs a results-only work environment. This kind of atmosphere places a lot responsibility on the employees, but with responsibility comes trust. As an employee, nothing makes me happier or motivates me more than knowing my manger trusts me.

Treat employees like people. We all get caught up in crossing things of our to-do list and trying to make it to every meeting on our schedule. However, we are encouraged to leave work at work. The only thing my manager believes in more than a results-only work environment is work-life balance.

Offer Training. Every member of our staff has a career development plan. We are encouraged and expected to own that plan and take advantage of opportunities that are in line with our career goals.

Give small perks with big personal impact. It really is the little things that matter most. I remember we had 100 percent participation in an employee survey. As a token of her appreciation, our manager gave us 30 minutes of admin leave. It may not seem like much, but getting home to your family a little earlier, or taking a longer lunch to catch up with a friend – what’s better than that?

Be transparent, and keep staff in the loop. Information sharing is a good thing; it makes employees feel valued and cuts down on anxiety. As decisions are made and changes occur, our manger makes sure the information trickles down so we’re all well-informed.

Make the office fun. A fun office and happy employees go hand-in-hand. Walk into our DC office and it’s instantly evident that we have a good time at work. There’s a temporary hopscotch board on the floor, placed there by a visiting co-worker. It’s highly possible that you’ll hear one or more of my co-workers singing, and someone is always laughing – usually at the person singing but that’s another story.

What are some of your favorite ways to boost or maintain employee morale?

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