Recycling Beer Cans For A Train Ride

As followers of this site know I am very interested in encouraging and applying creative ideas in government. There are many creative individuals working in government jobs but bureaucracy and poor leadership does not allow them to contribute their creativity.

Hats off to the folks that came up with the interesting idea described below that allowed individuals attending the carnival in Rio de Janeiro to hand in empty beer cans for a free train ride.

To enter the train riders scan an empty beer can on a bar code reader and deposit the can into a recycling bin.

This idea resulted in around 1,000 users per hour, 86 percent higher than usual traffic on the train. The number of drunk driving incidents that evening also dropped 43 percent. In addition to reducing crime and encouraging the use of public transportation, the amount of garbage in the street was reduced by getting the beer cans in recycling bins.

You can see a video of how the turnstiles work.

I like this idea, what do you think?

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