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RSS Feed of Your Twitter Favorites

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This morning, @apriledmonds posted a tweet asking how do you organize your favorites? I use favorites myself to bookmark tweets that I want to read later or that I find particularly insightful. However, I never really thought about organizing them. Now, I don’t know how to go about doing that, but I can at least get you an RSS feed of your favorites. From there, you can work on finding an application that will subscribe to your RSS feed and then offer some sorting options. Google Reader may be one possible option but limited. Any other ideas for sorting RSS feeds?

Watch my quick screencast on how to get the RSS for your Twitter favorites: http://screenr.com/Fn7

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Scott Horvath

The only downside to RSS clients, rather than web-based is that you’re limited to the location in which your client is at in order to read your feeds. Otherwise you’ll need to export your feed list to each and every computer that is using the client in order to have the same feeds where you go. What I’d like to see is a web-based client, like Google Reader, or some other one that will also allow me to sort my feed entries based on date, tags, alphabetical, etc.