Google UK offers free webinar to council webbies on ‘conversions’

As part of Google UK’s increasing local engagement it is running the first in a series of Webinar‘s next week.

This one is about ‘conversions’, getting users through a process on your website and sucessfully out the other end. This process may start from them clicking on an ad or being directed from the homepage or entering the process from an organic search result.

All websites lose people as they drive them towards a goal – which can be paying for a book or ordering a new rubbish bin.

When I presented at the Google local government event I mentioned that even top websites like Amazon – for whom this means lost revenue, lost profits – lose significant numbers of people along the way despite testing and testing and testing again. From memory this was anything up to 20% but, as I was with folks who know way, way more about this stuff than me I double checked. ‘Yes’ the Googlers nodded …

For local government I suspect that a lot more than 20% of transactions are lost and this means a number of things:

  • ‘ Service transformation’ is in large part about encouraging self-service which is in large part about getting people to do stuff online – if the process doesn’t work for many or even most of them ‘transformation’ simply isn’t going to happen.
  • If people have a bad experience with a process it will be that much harder to improve it and get them back. Plus they will tell people about their failure.
  • If the numbers of people successfully completing online transactions are below expectations then this undermines those promoting and developing them – including budget allocation.
  • Conversely, if expectations are too low – as I believe they usually are – bad processes become tolerated and it is that much harder to argue for money to be spent on improving them, for example of user testing

The webinar marketing is aimed at commercial organisations, it talks about “converting into paying customers”. But for users a process is a process online, so for local government every single point made will be applicable and this is why Google’s UK local government people want council webbies to watch.

Here’s what it will cover:

A. Understanding Your Visitors
B. Maximising Your Traffic
C. Traffic Sources
D. The Homepage
E. Landing Pages
F. Bouncing Visitors
G. Visitor Journey Steps
H. Exits
I. Site Search
J. Go

It will be conducted by one of Google UK’s certified Conversion Experts and the first one takes place 24 September at 3pm.

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