Sales Lab’s Talk Your Business! April 28

Talk Your Business – How to make more
and better sales right away!

You are invited to a free one
hour presentation that creates better sales on the spot!

brilliance of Dick Davies’ Talk Your
is its simplicity. Easy to learn. Easy to teach. Anyone
can do it. But most won’t because they get faked out by how easy it is.
How can something so easy be so profitable? Good question. Better
question is how fast can you implement what Dick teaches? Those who do
will make more and better sales. Quickly.”
Theo Androus, 17-year
Sales Lab Beneficiary and Aficionado

“I think first attended Dick
Davies’s Talk Your Business in
1993! And I’ve been “taking my business,” just the way he taught me
ever since. Dick teaches a simple and straight forward approach on how
to introduce yourself and how to tell an engaging story about your work.
It is easy and you understand what to do immediately. Dick is a great
coach, he makes it all very easy.”
Julie Perlmutter-founder of the
Web Managers Roundtable

Your Business
is the best Ecomomic Stimulus package Washington
has seen. It has inspired new business start ups, led companies to
unprecedented growth and re-educates the unemployed.”
Bill Van Dyke,
Paradigm Mortgage

“I’ve known the Big D for more than a decade.
He describes himself as a loud and frequent speaker. He surpasses that
modest description by being engaging, informative, and motivating. His
talks are thought provoking and rich in actionable takeaways. Be there!”

The Talk Your
is Wednesday, April 28, 7:30 to 8:30 am at
2331 Mill Road, Suite 100
Alexandria, VA 22314

space! Reserve your place today at

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