Searching for Federal Government Policies on Employee Use of Social Networking

I’m researching (and attempting to develop) policies on the use of social networking sites particularly an information security controls for the download of applications and, in general, how social networking sites have the potential to disclose agency information without proper approvals.

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Scott Horvath

The social networking sites are not the problem…nor do they disclose anything. The employees are the problem. Continuous training of employees with regards to what should and shouldn’t be discussed in any open forum (including Web 1.0, phones, email, face to face discussions) is what needs to be done. It’s a basic communications issue, not a security issue. The security flag is, unfortunately, raised way too much. The bigger issue is teaching employees proper communication.

Denise Hill

Another concurrence for Scott. Since the dawn of email, there has been a need for the reminders. It is amazing , to this day, what people place on social networking sites (especially pictures) then they seem surprised when the content ends up distributed in cyberspace.

There have been a couple of discussions on policies. Check out “Social Media Policies for Government Web Sites” Posted by Margaret Shalley on December 3, 2008 at 5:49pm & Do you have a Social Media Policy? Do you need one? Posted by Lovisa Williams on October 21, 2008 at 8:47pm for ideas of what others are doing.