“See it Say it–Really?

It would be nice to say we live a truly wonderful country where all is well and good, but that’s not the reality.

It would be nice to say we can trust the police and law enforcement to always do the right thing, but that is not reality anymore (too many rapists, cops that break the laws, speed, sell drugs on our nation’s forces, for every single day we hear about police gone bad in nearly ever city in our nation.

it would be nice to say we can trust our own government (the lawmakers who are usually law breakers), but that’s not a reality anymore, as there are many crooks and very bad lawmakers in Congress.

So who can you trust-Only yourself, and your criminal attorney, everyone should have a lawyer on retainer, even if you have never done anything wrong in America. Read this article, and you will find out why you SHOULD NOT be so fast to SEE IT–SAY IT to those wonderful law enforcement officials in America.

To read about What Government Employees Need to Know to Avoid Going to Jail for Lying to Government Agents or Police (18 U.S.C. Section 1001) at:


You may not think under the current circumstances that the recent bombing in Boston would have anything to do with 18 USC 1001, but it does, and after you read the article just ask yourself this simple question: “What if I see a suspiciouos package, and think it might be a bomb, and I try to report it to the police or government, and nobody listens to me initially, and then things go horribly wrong, and the police come to my home to pick me up, and question me, even though I had nothing to do with the suspicious package–what do I do now?”

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