Seeking Local Government Acroynms

Your help is requested.

During my extensive time in local government we used a variety of acroynms . Acroynms that would help us briefly describe the issue before us.

Below is a list of the some of the acroynms I frequently used. If you have any, or know of any, acryonms used in local governments will you please share them with me. Just post them below and I will compile a master list.


Gabe Gabrielsen

Widely Used Acroynms

NIMBY = Not in my backyard

CAVE = Citizens Against Virtually Everything

CANT = Citizens Against New Taxes

BOHICA = Bend Over Here It Comes Again

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Gabe Gabrielsen

Looks like no one ever commented on this fun initiative.

So I will share one of my favorites for Local Goverment Officials.

RTFM as in RTFM (Read the F***ing Motion) before you vote