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As a Leader – Do You Broadcast on ‘AM’ or ‘FM’?

“What we have here is a ‘Failure to Communicate’” is a memorable line from the classic movie, Cool Hand Luke. Without a doubt, ‘Failure to Communicate’ is a problem found in many organizations. I witnessed ‘Failure to Communicate’ early in my military career and it taught me a valuable leadership lesson. I often relied onRead… Read more »

Can Any Government Official From Missouri Confirm this?

Missouri has no illegal aliens? A colleague sent this to me and I am skeptical this is true. Missouri’s approach to the problem of illegal immigration appears to be more advanced, sophisticated, strict and effective than anything to date in Arizona. So, why doesn’t Missouri receive attention? Answer: There are no illegal’s in Missouri toRead… Read more »

Avian Flu – New Light Shed on potentially disaterous local government problem

Remember the potential public health threat back in 2005 regarding Avian Flu. Supposedly chickens in China had contracted a flu which was found to be contagious to humans? Worst yet the desease chickens were then infecting other birds – especially migratory birds. Scientists confirmed that birds from China do in fact migrate to the USRead… Read more »

How Local Government Decisions Are Really Made

People often seem surprised by the decisions local public officials make. It’s not uncommon to hear community residents say, “What the heck were they thinking about when they …???” Since I enjoyed the privilege of a lengthy career in local government, I was able to personally observe the process many local government bodies used toRead… Read more »

The Unexpected Consequences of Government Decisions

Many Americans are not aware that the standard railroad gauge in the U.S. (the distance between the two metal rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. Why the heck did our government leaders ever establish such an odd size for spacing the tracks when building our nation’s first rail lines? Well, that is because, when ourRead… Read more »

Seven Recommended Mentors for Those who Wish to Serve in Government

Warning: Read with care. The thoughts shared below are not intended for everyone. The ideas that follow are meant for local government public officials and career professionals who really want to make a difference. People often comment on the significant accomplishments I have made in my life. Though I am not sure any of myRead… Read more »

Seven Compelling Reasons to Terminate a Local Government Employee

During my career in local government, there were numerous times individuals running for public office would boast that when they get into office they were going to clean house, get rid of waste, and fire unnecessary public employees to reduce the payroll. Man, that rhetoric sure sounded good during the campaign; however from what IRead… Read more »