Seeking Suggestions on Bay Area Social Media/Government Policy Detail

I’m an enthusiastic US Enviornmental Protection Agency’s San Francisco Office and have recently been diving into Government/Web 2.0.

I’m interested in suggestions GovLoopers have on Web 2.0/Government Policy non-profit or academic organizations or active government agencies using Web 2.0 in the Bay Area. I’m researching Bay Area groups because I’m in a Leadership Development Program that will allow me to do a 4 month paid detail assignment, and I hope to use the detail to learn more about social media & government.


Timonie Hood

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Adriel Hampton

Timonie, are you on Twitter? It may be easier to circulate this on Twitter if you join, even if you don’t get active. Saying this because there is a huge SF Bay Area crowd on Twitter. I did put out a query, bit little response – part of that due to the fact that nothing sits still on Twitter. But if you have a bio there I can kick up the question every few days until you find someone. You might also want to check some of GovLoops local alumni groups, and the NASA folks, who seem to have a very active social media team here.

Dennis McDonald

A friend of mine at Forrester Research in SF is responsible for social media research – his main focus is corporate but he may have government contacts as well. I’ll send you his contact information.